Remplissage Protocol

From Dr. Stephen Burkhardt (San Antonio Orthopaedic Group)


  • Ultrasling x 6 weeks. Exercises – only prescribed post-op (shoulder shrugs, scapular retractions, ball squeezes and bicep curls)
    Physical therapy begins at 6 weeks post-op.

WEEKS 6-12

  • Begin formal physical therapy – patient to be seen 2-3x/week
  • PROM GOALS: Forward flexion: 180 degrees at 12 weeks post-op.
  • External rotation: ½ the uninvolved side at 12 weeks post-op. Example: if uninvolved side has 70 degrees of external rotation, goal is 35 degrees of external rotation on operative side at 12 weeks.

WEEKS 12-24

  • Begin strengthening program – following strength program for rotator cuff repair (small).
    • From Dr. Burkhardt: I wait until 3 months, since a remplissage is essentially the same as a rotator cuff repair into the Hill-Sachs defect – and I wait until 3 months after cuff repair to begin strengthening

WEEK 24 (6 months)

  • Full unrestricted athletic activities can be resumed at 6 months post-op as long as strength is adequate and tested/cleared through physical therapist.