Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in Illinois

Knee Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure.  The major benefit of arthroscopy lies in the hands of the cutting-edge technology utilized by Dr. Roger Chams, M.D. This style of corrective surgery is the best option for those experiencing structural complications within the knee.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Procedure

Surgery can be performed without making a significant incision to evaluate and correct internal conditions of the knee. Your knee will be sterilized and stabilized before the surgery begins. Tiny incisions called portals are then made in the knee to see inside. An arthroscopic camera is first inserted into the knee to reflect images of your specific knee condition. The camera provides the surgeon on-screen video projections so he or she can easily guide surgical instruments within the knee joint. Through portals, the arthroscope and varying surgical instruments enter the joint to treat the orthopaedic condition. Knee arthroscopy facilitates an optimal experience for patients. Dr. Chams embraces minimally invasive techniques so he can provide patients with a speedy recovery, less pain and joint stiffness post-surgery.

When to Have Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Knee arthroscopy is a recommended surgical approach when orthopaedic complications cannot be reversed through conservative treatments. If you’re experiencing painful symptoms deriving from the knee’s structure, arthroscopy with a reliable surgeon is a solution that must be considered. Dr. Chams is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic knee surgery. His knowledge in the field allows him to accurately diagnose and provide long-term relief through knee arthroscopy procedures.

What Injuries Does Knee Arthroscopy Treat?

Knee arthroscopy can treat a variety of orthopaedic knee conditions. Symptoms may first appear mild but can increase in intensity if ignored too long. Below are common examples of easily treatable conditions via arthroscopic knee surgery:

Knee Arthroscopy Recovery Time

Recovery from knee arthroscopy can be faster than traditional methods of open surgery. Rehabilitation following knee arthroscopy begins hours after the completion of the procedure.  This includes the standard RICE method of rest, ice, compression and elevation.  Patients will begin home exercises several hours following surgery and are designed to increase range of motion and strength. Formal outpatient physical therapy begins within several days of surgery sometimes the day following pending the actual procedure performed.  Following this personally designed recovery plan will maximize the result of your surgery and get you back into action quickly.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgeon in Illinois

If your knee symptoms are limiting your daily and athletic function, consult Dr. Roger Chams, M.D. for immediate relief. Arthroscopic knee surgery with an experienced surgeon will ensure a healthy return to activity. If you want to schedule an appointment or learn more about Dr. Chams, contact us for further detail.