Experiencing mild to chronic knee pain may occur as a result of various orthopedic conditions. After diagnosing the exact cause of the problem, Dr. Chams and his staff can effectively treat all of the following conditions.

ACL Injuries

ACL tears are common knee conditions that occur in high-risk and impact sports – but may also occur in slips/falls.   Without a proper diagnosis of its severity and possible surgical intervention, instability and knee pain will become increasingly more problematic and cause chronic conditions.

MCL and LCL Injuries

The other two ligament injuries of the knee include an MCL (medial collateral ligament) injury and the LCL (lateral collateral ligament) injury. An MCL and LCL tear when torn or sprained can cause additional instability of the knee.  These injuries can occur from falls, athletic activity and awkward twisting of the knee.

Meniscus Tear and Repair

Meniscus tears are incredibly common and can occur with an acute injury but can also occur over time from wear and tear. Whether it is from a sports injury or weakening through age, meniscus injuries area easily treatable and can either consist of conservative and or surgical treatments through non-invasive arthroscopy.

Patellofemoral Ligament Injuries

Patellofemoral ligament injuries typically occur from injury causing subluxation, dislocation of the patella or kneecap. Swelling around the patella will further reduce a patient’s range of motion, stability, and weakness. After a diagnosis through physical examination, Dr. Chams often proceeds with supportive bracing, physical therapy and for severe injuries surgical management.

Chondromalacia Patella

Chondromalacia Patella is a result of the softening of the articular cartilage under the patella or kneecap.  This condition is commonly known as moviegoers’ knee.  Symptoms can include sharp pain in the front of the knee after trying to stand from sitting for long periods of time, squatting or lunging.  Some even feel or hear grinding and crunching of the patella with movement.  This condition is commonly treated without surgery.

Osteochondritis Dissecans

Osteochondritis Dissecans or OCD Lesion is a knee condition from insufficient blood supplies to a respective location of cartilage. Cartilage will become weak and brittle as damage continues in the form of cracks. Joint pain typically follows due to the lack of cushioning on the joint.

Osgood Schlatter Disease

Often seen in adolescents, Osgood Schlatter Disease is a condition caused by overuse of a developing growth plate just below the knee. Naturally unaccustomed and unequipped to support this much use, many children will experience pain until the growth spurt has ended.

Patellar / Quadriceps Tendonitis

Patellar and quadriceps tendonitis occurs similar to other overuse injuries of the knee. This condition causes difficulty bearing weight on the knee, however, is easily treatable with many therapeutic or non-surgical rehabilitation techniques.  One cutting-edge treatment utilized is PRP injections – Platelet Rich Plasma.  To learn more contact Dr. Chams and his staff.

Patellofemoral Pain

Dull aches can turn into sharp pains with patellofemoral pain. Symptoms in the front or anterior knee occur due to instability, overuse or muscle imbalances as the patella improperly glides over the knee as the joint moves.

Runners and Jumpers Knee

The condition of runners and jumpers knee occurs with overuse of the joint. As inflammation increases, these repetitive movements can further influence knee discomfort.

Knee Arthritis

Arthritis is defined as the gradual breakdown of cartilage located in between joints throughout the body. Knee arthritis occurs when articular and meniscus cartilage wears down. This causes varying levels of pain within the knee joint.

Knee Arthroscopy

Encompassing all of the knee procedures performed by Dr. Chams, many conditions can be treated through a surgery style known as knee arthroscopy. This type of procedure allows for a quicker recovery, less pain and significantly smaller incisions with the effectiveness of traditional open surgery techniques.

Knee Pain Relief in Illinois

With practice expertise in a large range of orthopedic knee conditions, Dr. Chams and his compassionate staff are capable of taking on even the most serious injuries and complications. To schedule your initial consultation, please contact Dr. Chams at a facility located near you for comprehensive care today.