• Begin with clear liquids and lighter foods (Jello, soups, etc.). May progress to general diet as tolerated

Immobilized / Sling:

  • Is to be worn at all times except for showering and exercise. Your sling is there to protect your shoulder. The repair does not start to heal until 8 weeks post-op and does not mature and heal fully for 3-4 months. Any use of the arm other than prescribed therapy will re-tear the repair.
  • Ice machine shoulder sleeve may be removed when not icing.

Wound Care:

  • All bandages should be left in place for the first 24 hours following surgery unless otherwise specified. You may loosen bandage if swelling of the elbow, wrist, or hand occurs. You may remove all postoperative bandages except steri-strips (white paper tape) 24 hours post surgery. Wounds should be kept dry and clean at all times. Apply water proof bandages over the steri-strips.
  • To avoid infection keep incisions clean and dry